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  1. Úvod
  3. Handel: Susanna, HWV66 (3CD)

Handel: Susanna, HWV66 (3CD)


Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759) SusannaEmily Fons, Christopher Lowrey, Colin Balzer, Raimund Nolte, Ciara Hendrick, NDR Chor, Festspielorchester Gö... celý popis
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Číslo produktu:ACC26406
EAN kód:4015023264069
Format / Balení:3CD
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  • Popis produktu
  • Handel: Susanna, HWV66 (3CD)
    Handel: Susanna, HWV66 (3CD)
    799,00 Kč
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Popis produktu

Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759)

Emily Fons, Christopher Lowrey, Colin Balzer, Raimund Nolte, Ciara Hendrick, NDR Chor, Festspielorchester Göttingen, Laurence Cummings

CD 1
1. Ouvertüre
2. How Long, Oh Lord
3. Our Crimes Repeated
4. Clouds O'ertake the Brightest Day
5. Oh Joacim, When Thou Art By
6. When Thou Art Nigh
7. Lives There in Babylon
8. Who Fears the Lord
9. A Flame Like Mine
10. When First I Saw My Lovely
11. Let Me Confess
12. Would Custom Bid the Melting Fair
13. Down My Old Cheeks
14. Peace, Crown'd With Roses
15. O Pious Chelsias
16. Without the Swain's Assiduous Care
17. Source of Each Joy
18. The Parent Bird in Search of Food
19. On Joacim May Ev'ry Joy Attend
20. What Means This Weight
21. Virtue Shall Never Long Be Oppressed
22. Bending to the Throne of Glory
23. Tyrannic Love!
24. Ye Verdant Hills, Ye Balmy Vales
25. Say, Is It Fit That Age Should
26. The Oak That for a Thousand Years
27. Ye Winged Gales, Convey
28. When the Trumpet Sounds to Arms
29. Righteous Heav'n
CD 2
1. Frost Nips the Flow'rs
2. On Fair Euphrates' Verdant Side
3. Lead Me, Oh Lead Me
4. Chrystal Streams in Murmurs Flowing
5. Too Lovely Youth
6. Ask If Yon Damask Rose Be Sweet
7. In Vain You Try to Cure
8. Beneath the Cypress' Gloomy Shade
9. Thy Plaintive Strains
10. Blooming As the Face of Spring
11. We Long Have Languish'd
12. The Torrent That Sweeps
13. Deceitful Wolves!
14. Away! Away!
15. Alas! I Find the Fatal Toils Are Set
16. If Guiltless Blood Be Your Intent
17. Let Justice Reign and Flourish
18. Is Fair Susanna False?
19. On the Rapid Whirlwind's Wing
20. Oh Joacim, Thy Wedded Truth
CD 3
1. The Cause Is Decided
2. I Hear My Doom
3. Faith Displays Her Rosy Wing
4. Permit Me, Fair
5. Round Thy Urn My Tears Shall
6. 'Tis Thus the Crocodile
7. But You, Who See Me On the Verge of Life
8. The Sentence Now Is Past
9. 'Tis Not Age's Sullen Face
10. O Wond'rous Youth
11. Impartial Heaven
12. Thou Artful Wretch!
13. Chastity, Thou Cherub Bright
14. But See! My Lord, My Joacim Appears
15. Gold Within the Furnace Try'd
16. The Joyful News of Chaste Susanna's Truth
17. Raise Your Voice to Sounds of Joy
18. Bless'd Be the Day
19. Hence Ev'ry Pang
20. Guilt Trembling Spoke My Doom
21. Sweet Are the Accents
22. To My Chaste Susanna's Praise
23. A Virtuous Wife

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