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  3. Calypso - Sounds Of The Caribbean Islands (10CD)

Calypso - Sounds Of The Caribbean Islands (10CD)


CD 1     Lord Melody - Wau Wau    Belafonte, Harry - Zombie Jamboree    Viper - Dog Better Than Man    Lord Melody - Blackbird    Lord Kitchener - Lov... celý popis
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Číslo produktu:600311
EAN kód:4053796003119
Nosič:CD Audio
Format / Balení:10CD
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  • Calypso - Sounds Of The Caribbean Islands (10CD)
    Calypso - Sounds Of The Caribbean Islands (10CD)
    399,00 Kč
    329,75 Kč bez DPH
Popis produktu

CD 1

    Lord Melody - Wau Wau
    Belafonte, Harry - Zombie Jamboree
    Viper - Dog Better Than Man
    Lord Melody - Blackbird
    Lord Kitchener - Love in the Cemetery
    Malcolm, Carlos & His Afro Jamaican - Elena
    Lord Melody - Georgie Porgie
    Belafonte, Harry - Did You Hear About Jerry
    Young Growler - Pussy Galore
    Lord Melody - Bong, Bong, Bong
    Count Zebra & the Seasiders - Cat-o-nine
    Lord Melody - Donkey Race
    Lord Hummingbird - Teenage Bossa Nova Girl
    Belafonte, Harry - Tongue Tie Baby
    King Fighter Sherlan Wilson - He No Dead Yet
    Lord Melody - the Seagull & the Mule
    Lord Kitchener - Jamaican Woman
    Lord Melody - Melo's Twist
    Belafonte, Harry - I'm on My Way to Saturday
    Wrangler - Bongo Man

CD 2

    Islanders, the - when the Yankees Are Gone
    Belafonte, Harry - Sweetheart from Venezuela
    Mighty Dougla - Exchange No Robbery
    Lord Kitchener - Romeo
    Islanders, the - Lie Stone Dead in the Market
    Belafonte, Harry - Go Down Emanuel Road
    Binger, Charlie & His Quartet - Jamaica is the Pla
    Wrangler - Neighbour Jaqueline
    Islanders, the - the Donkey Song
    Belafonte, Harry - Gloria
    Lord Melody - Belmont
    Islanders, the - Mary Walk
    Belafonte, Harry - These Are the Times
    Islanders, the - Tomorrow Man
    Mighty Sparrow - Teresa
    Belafonte, Harry - Jump in the Line
    Binger, Charlie & His Quartet - Country Gal
    Belafonte, Harry - Kingston Market
    Lord Melody - Alexander the Murderer
    Belafonte, Harry - Angelina

CD 3

    Wrigglers, the - Mary Ann
    Count Lasher - Talking Parrot
    Lord Kitchener - Black Pudding
    Mighty Terror - Calypso War
    Brownie - Bed Bug Song
    Wrigglers, the - Biggest Maracas
    Lord Ivanhoe & His Caribbean Knights - the Water G
    Diaz, Cyril Orchestra - Voodoo
    Lord Kitchener - Drink-a-rum
    Lawrence, Azie - West Indians in England
    Mighty Sparrow - Reply to Melody
    Lord Ivanhoe & His Caribbean Knights - Africa, Her
    Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians - Heading North
    Lord Kitchener - Woman's Figure
    Lord Flea & His Calypsonians - Magic Composer
    Porter, Hubert - Old Lady You Mash Me Toe
    Count Lasher's Seven - Breadfruit Season
    Wrigglers, the - Limbo
    Lord Kitchener - My Wife's Nightie
    Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians - Little Jeannie

CD 4

    Lord Kitchener - Marjorie's Flirtation
    Mighty Sparrow - No More Rocking & Rolling
    Hayward, Lance - Montego Bay
    Mighty Terror - TV Calypso
    Lord Kitchener - Nosey Mother-in Law
    Mighty Sparrow - Russian Satellite
    Lord Invader - Steel Band War
    Lord Ivanhoe & His Caribbean Knights - Lift the Ir
    Talbot Brothers of Bermuda, the - Out' a Me
    Mighty Sparrow - Short Little Shorts
    Lord Kitchener - Rhumba Anna
    Lord Ivanhoe & His Caribbean Knights - Belinda
    Mighty Terror - Jamaica Girl
    Talbot Brothers of Bermuda, the - Old Time Cat O'
    Mighty Sparrow - Mad Bomber
    Wrigglers, the - Don't Touch Me Tomato
    Lord Invader - Labor Day Carnival (Jump in the Lin
    Mighty Sparrow - No, Doctor, No
    Williams, John Buddy Band - Gee Bongo Lay
    Lord Flea & His Calypsonians - out De Fire

CD 5

    Belafonte, Harry - Cocoanut Woman
    Mitchum, Robert - Mama Look at Boo Boo
    Beauty & the Brute Force Steel Band - Fire Down Be
    Lord Flea & His Calypsonians - the Naughty Little
    Young Tiger - Trinidad
    Belafonte, Harry - Haiti Cherie
    Mosier, Enid & Her Trinidad Steel Band - Boys Days
    Smith, Hubert & His Coral Islanders - Green Ticket
    Lord Melody - Creature from the Black Lagoon
    Belafonte, Harry - Scratch, Scratch
    Bowers, Ben - Donkey City
    Mitchum, Robert - Jean & Dinah
    Smith, Hubert & His Coral Islanders - College Holi
    Belafonte, Harry - Cordelia Brown
    Lord Flea & His Calypsonians - Shake, Shake Senora
    Premice, Josephine - Chicken Gumbo
    Belafonte, Harry - Angelique-o
    Lord Flea - Donkey Bray (The Jack Ass Song)
    Aitken, Laurel - Nebuchadnezzar
    Belafonte, Harry - Island in the Sun

CD 6

    Belafonte, Harry - Matilda
    Hayden, Eric - Give Her the Number One
    Wrigglers, the - Linstead Market / Day-o (Medley)
    Mighty Terror - Patricia Gone with Millicent
    Belafonte, Harry - Day-o (Banana Boat Song)
    Harris, Al & His Calypso Band - Landlady
    Lord Flea - Solas Market / Water Come from Me Eye
    Belafonte, Harry - Will His Love Be Like His Rum
    Timothy - Bulldog Don't Bite Me
    Mighty Terror - Women Police in England
    Harris, Al & His Calypso Band - Taxi
    Belafonte, Harry - Man Smart, Woman Smarter
    Mccoy, Ruben & the Hamiltonians - Calypso Twist
    Lord Melody - Life in Brazil
    Belafonte, Harry - Jump Down, Spin Around
    Roaring Lion, the - Kalenda March
    Belafonte, Harry - Come Back Liza
    Young Tiger - She Like It, He Like It
    Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians - Chinese Childre
    Belafonte, Harry - Jamaica Farewell

CD 7

    Young Tiger - Calypso Be-bop
    Lord Kitchener - Kitch in the Jungle
    Porter, Hubert & the Tower Islanders - Bargie
    Charmer, the - Female Boxer
    Lord Melody - Can Can
    Roaring Lion, the - Trinidad the Land of Calypso
    Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians - No Carnival in
    Lord Flea & the Blue Mountain Caroleers - Irene &
    Roaring Lion, the - Wash Your Hands
    Count Lasher's Seven - Mango Time
    Lord Kitchener - is Trouble
    Bennett, Louise - Day Dah Light
    Belafonte, Harry - the Drummer & the Cook
    Island Champions, the - My Advice to men
    Charmer, the - is She Is, or is She Ain't
    Belafonte, Harry - Lord Randall
    Sparrow, the - Brown Skin Girl
    Island Champions, the - River den Come Down
    Belafonte, Harry - Man Piaba
    Bennett, Louise - Hosanna

CD 8

    Thomas, Lloyd - Cold in De Winter
    Sparrow, the - Hol' Em Joe (My Donkey Wants Water)
    Porter, Hubert - Iron Bar / Mas Charley Bell (Jama
    Duke of Iron - Last Train
    Porter, Hubert - Not Me (Man Smart - Woman Smarter
    Connor, Edric & the Caribbeans - Day Dah Light (Ba
    Bowers, Ben & the Baba Motta Orchestra - Brown Ski
    Lord Fly & the Dan Williams Orchestra - Donkey Cit
    Richardson, Harold & the Ticklers - Don't Fence He
    Grant, Boysie & the Reynolds Calypso Clippers - No
    Count Lasher - Island Gal Sally
    Knott, Cecil & His Joybell Orchestra - Banana
    Chin's Calypso Sextet - Woman Style
    Count Lasher - Calypso Cha Cha
    Duke of Iron - Parakeets
    Lord Kitchener - Kitch's Bebop Calypso
    Lord Messam & His Calypsonians - Take Her to Jamai
    Lord Kitchener - Kitch (Small Comb, Scratch Me Hea
    Blind Blake - a Conch Ain't Got No Bone
    Lord Kitchener - Food from the West Indies

CD 9

    Lord Lion - Tick Tick (The Story of the Lost Watch
    Lord Beginner - John Goddard
    Lord Kitchener - London is the Place for Me
    Duke of Iron, the - Big Bamboo
    Lord Beginner - Victory Test Match
    Lord Kitchener - the Underground Train
    Ros, Edmondo & His Orchestra - Chocolate, Whiskey
    Castro, Armando & Joe Davis - Mary Ann
    Sir Lancelot - Old Lady with a Rolling Pin
    Duke of Iron, the - Calypsonian Invasion
    Lord Invader - Rum & Coca Cola
    Sir Lancelot - the Century of the Common Man
    Roaring Lion, the - Mary Ann
    Sir Lancelot - Scandal in the Family
    King Radio - Matilda
    Houdini, Wilmoth - He Had It Coming
    Atilla, the & the Lion - Guests of Rudy Valee
    Atilla the Hun - Roosevelt in Trinidad
    Caresser, the - Edward the Viii
    Charles, Hubert R. - Marry an Ugly Woman
    Lovey's Trinidad String Band - Manuelita
    Whiterose, Julian - Iron Duke in the Land

CD 10

    Andrews Sisters, the - Rum & Coca Cola
    Fitzgerald, Ella - Stone Cold Dead in the Market
    Christy, June - His Feet Too Big for the Bed
    Jordan, Louis & His Tympany Five - Run Joe
    Cole, Nat King - Calypso Blues
    Kitt, Eartha - Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell
    Armstrong, Louis - High Society Calypso
    Johnnie & Jack - the Banana Boat Song
    Astaire, Fred - Calypso Hooray
    Snow, Hank - Calypso Sweetheart
    Johnson, Ray - Calypso Joe
    Brothers Four, the - Yellow Bird
    Pedicin, Mike Quintet - Calypso Rock
    Four Aces, the - Bahama Mama
    Tarriers, the - the Banana Boat Song
    Cole, Nat King - when Rock & Roll Come to Trinid
    Deep River Boys, the - Calypso Rock & Roll
    Mills Brothers, the - in De Banana Tree
    Draper, Rusty - Let's Go Calypso
    Gilkyson, Terry & the Easy Riders - Marianne

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